Photography Classes

Did you get a fancy camera with every intention of using it to its full potential?

But then, you got overwhelmed reading the manual with it’s fancy terms, next, maybe you turned to Youtube.  Buuuuuuut that wasn’t much better.

Then you kinda just gave up, but you see it there on the shelf…staring at you like a neglected piece of exercise equipment.
It’s time to pick it up!  And I promise it will be a lot more fun than that dusty old tread mill.
DSLR Photography Class by Brianne Hidalgo Photos + Films
Photo by sophia podegracz
Fancy Camera Class
*No experience/camera knowledge necessary*
What does DSLR mean?  It’s the kind of camera that requires a changeable lens to work.  They allow much more control, experimentation and higher quality images to print from. (Don’t have a DSLR? Check out my point + shoot class below).
I teach everything from the technical side that you need to get you confident shooting in manual mode.
Then we go into the fun stuff, creative image making, where to use what settings, different lighting techniques, and lots of tips peppered through out.
The best part is a lot of hands on learning! This is the best way to make it all sink in.
At the end, I bring a model in so you can see how I approach images and then you get to practice.
Class is in session Sunday JULY 7, 2019
Location: Las Vegas Baby Co. Henderson, NV
Time: 11-3:30pm
*You must Register + Pay in advance to attend, seats limited.
vivian hidalgo taking photos
Photo by Ati Grinspun
Point + Shoot Class
phone cameras + basic point+shoot class | $40
The best camera is the one you have!  This is more true than ever now that phone cameras are so much better than they were back in the day.
This class is for any type of phone or point and shoot camera.  Perfect for improving photos of your family or personal visual content for your brand/business.
Learn about lighting, composition, and basic in camera editing so you can have better images that you know you will take.
Lets get creative together!
Pssssst.  I will be sharing some of my go-to tricks to help your partner (or anybody pointing a camera at you) capture you in more flattering ways. Who doesn’t want that?!